Deception in young love

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 18:50 -- Menna

Come see the beautifull creatures of the underworld she wispered As he entered the entagles of her beautifull world
He was quite bewilderd and confused but most of all scarred The look on her face shoud have should how much she cared
They would soon learn that there was so much more to be indured
They were together about to embark on a marvelous journey that was anything but dull or corney
He wispered into her ear you are quite dear I dread that this will leave you with no fear
she ruined his life on this day her life would soon fade away his to never be the same
The perseption that they were going to be in ‘love’ forever Wasnt going to happen whenever
there love was just fake and unreal forever just to make him feal
Just pure devilish desire they were both just pure liers
The sweet stench of love ached off her lips The feeling of lies and deception ran down his hips he acted like he cared when it ended her life was forever ended
the sweet sorrow she endured was nothing but unpure
the hope of returning together was never going to happen forever

she cursed the heavens and their lifes of miseribility forever to last for all of eternitity
there internal sadness had become her vulnurablility she screemed into the darkenss, never to know it’s true real ablitities
She yelled as he was leaving i will allways love you till my dying day he never cared anough to stop her from fading away

These creatures of the underworld just cant afford to love There just to above to feal real love

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