December 7th 2017

Teachers dragging
No one listening
Students texting
Looking down

Intercom beeps and we here the sound
Panic in the voice so clear
"This is not a drill!!"
Teachers stares with awe
Then realizes what's going on

Shoved in the back of the room
Surrounded by tools
Breathing heavy
Air full of fear

The teacher says
Sh*t has hit the fan in that building
Science teachers worried
History teachers hide
The world is deathly quiet
No one speaks a sound

A gun goes off bang!!

The sound ricocheting all around

Breaths are held.
Screams do come.

Hands grip mine tightening all around

We move in closer not daring to breath too loud

Whimpers come

Quietly fill the air
Minutes pass but they feel like hours
Seconds tick but they fill like years

A bang on the door scares us
We make no sound
"Its the police let us in!!!"
Teacher looks and nods to us
"Single file against the wall!" they scream guns held to us
Then he searches relentlessly
Finding nothing

We follow him
To the gym where we stay
Tears are streaming as we search for the faces of the ones we love
Ushered to the other gym we wait in line by our last names
Till finally the buses ship us away
Reunited with family we love
Treats are given
Drinks are too
As if those simple actions will calm us down.
Scared to the bone huddled in groups
Crying tears as students hear rumors of the ones lost so dear.

Yet no ones knows till that night
Two young students both so dear

One in cheer
Sweet to everyone she would meet.

The other new
A Sport boy too.

Deceased, Departed, and Dear
Tears, Pain, and Fear...

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My community


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