The Deceiving Heart of a Liar

Sickening lies

black hearted as they would say

The lies convincingly told

day by day

They have gotten so good

nobody can call your words false

as my stomach churns inside

listening to a plausible liar

Only you think your blasfemy true

as my gut says 

there is only a dark and rusted hole

where there is a missing heart inside of you

It does not make sense

why you should speak in such a way

Shut your mouth

your tormenting horrid taste

Your poor choice of words

my time you put to waste

There is no significance in the words you say

They portray repugnance

the profanity of your lies

make you a target of odium

grotesque attracting such hate

If there is nothing good coming from your mouth

then please

close it

nobody wants the negativity coming this way 


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