Deathly Pale


Deathly pale

the nightingale 

lays its melodies 

to sleep 



the hauntingly 

beautiful sound 



A song he sings

of lovely things

sweet wisps 

of wind 


Drifting through 

the lonesome trees

carrying comfort 

on its wings 


Turning round 

the haunting sound 

resounds with

chilling thoughts and dreams 


Freezing roots 

of deepest depth

with steel eyes 

piercing through 


Empty melodies of fate 

long-forgotten tears of hate 

Trickling down the beaten trunk 

Soaking in the frozen dirt  


Regretful, mournfully it sounds

this nightingale memory 

this beautiful sound 


The long-gone memories

now empty, 

shallowed by hate and fear 


Don't let a tear fall silently 

for the lonely trees so dark and tall 

Now brought down low by 

humanity's fall



Then one day soon

when roots break ice 

the nightingale's voice 

sings through the night 



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