Death Wish

Devil do death die

Oh why oh why do you lie

Tell me to cry

Fine just let me die


Oh listen, listen a bit harder

I am sure you will hear my pain

The blood the drips from my veins

Why won't you let me die


Death wish I have a death wish

Listen once listen twice

blood now drips from both my wrists 

because I couldn't see through the mist


Scare scar soul sound

Will i ever be found

Wishing death I know what a coward she is

Hate heart broken his

Death is a wish a wish not of his but mine


Lets drink bottles of wine

And if it is to be a coward to die then a coward I am

Becasue he loves me just the way I am

Yet, why do i still wish for death

I knowI am crazy but for him i will fight till my last breath

This poem is about: 
Our world


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