Death of Trayvon Martin


Only thought It would be a typical night going to the store
Some candy and tea nothing less nothing more.
Hoodie on. Innocent as ever. With racism as the weather.
Accused for walking. Killed because of my skin. Shot down like a animal in a hog pin.
And all I leave is my Story.
And hope for justice of my death.
And glad everybody is remembering me as I rest
-Trayvon Martin



The last line of this poem really hit me hard, that might be silly to say, but I actually tear up a little here at the office. It was rhythmic and haunting as if speaking beyond the grave, and I'm sure him and his family would be thankful for the tribute. I also want to tip my hat to you for being able to write this poem because even after so much time has past I still am unable to find the right words to pay my deepest respects to Trayvon Martin. Thank you for sharing this piece.


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