Death Taught Me

Nothing quite hit until I lost my uncle, R.I.P, then I lost my aunt, death was going on a shopping spree

A year after that I lost another uncle too, I didn't understand the concept of death from their point of view

It was at that moment I knew life wasn't a joke, I tried to move on but I couldn't my heart was too broke

As a kid I thought my parents would last forever, now I know they can be here one day and gone whenever

Everything used to be rainbows and unicorns, now it's just darkness, clouds and my heart still mourns

I want to happy and I want to be a kid again, want to rewind and start from the beginning

But I can't and that's something I've realized, so instead I went back and apologized

I used to be the bad kid but I learned my lesson, found out me being here is nothing but a blessing 

My mother almost died for me to be on this earth, I always imagine what if she died just giving birth

Lately I've been surrounded by so much death, it makes me appreciate my parents before they take their last breath

I'm no longer a kid, I'm grown now so I know more, trying to do any and everything my parents ask for

Sure death has changed me but it made me a better daughter, a daughter that always listens and obeys her mother and father

May have not been the joyful story you expected, but that's my glow up grow up with everything I've reflected 


This poem is about: 
My family


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