death so easy

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 02:54 -- alsayad

I was just a young boy
And yea, I was black
Dressed in a certain way
Yea, u could say that
Sagged my pants a bit
Dark hoody for this cold day
But I didn't know how cold it would actually get..
Give one man power.. just a little bit
And he'd play God, start a fit
Let rounds burst
U don't know how it felt when they hit
Maybe thats y I wore a hoody
Keep my soul warm as the angels would get ready..
You know.. they say your last 7 seconds to live
You'd watch ur whole life pass u real quick
But it felt like hours every second of it
Your parents smiling just a scene of it
I had my moms arms around me inna tight grip
But the scenes would just slipp n slipp
U know u never forget!
I was just a cold body, death, laying in it
Looked my killer in the eyes I hope you never forget!

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thats is greattttttttttttttt


Thnk u !

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