A Death Row Confession


Father, it's been two years  
Since my last confession 
Open your ears now  
This is my last session 

Look into my eyes 
I'm far past tears 
It's useless to lie 
My demise is so near 

Father, when you leave here 
It's going to snow 
There's something going on here 
Something I want you to know 

No matter what you give 
No matter what you say 
You're gonna be judged 
It happens every day 

It's going to snow 
When you go 
I've done no wrong 
But I'm on death row 

When I'm gone 
Sing my song 
Sing it to others 
Let them sing along  

I've lived alone 
I've given my blood 
I've been on my own 
I've worked in the mud 

Everything matters 
What you do today 
For you may not wake tomorrow 
So what will you say? 

It's no use to cry 
We're all going to die 
For me it's tomorrow 
For you it's any time 

Go now, go 
It's going to snow 
Yes, it will be here 
When I go            



I don't know if this is intentional, but the rhythm sounds like a rap. I like it :) 

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