Death he is, Death he isn't


United States
40° 44' 19.8348" N, 112° 6' 26.1108" W

Death he is a warrior,
charging head-on men of great strength and valor.
Death he is a coward,
Reaping youth of no accomplishment or stature.

Death he is a scholar,
imparting wisdom to those willing to listen.
Death he is a fool,
destroying the knowledge of character's glisten.

Death he is a flood,
engulfing and consuming all who dare oppose.
Death he is a trickle,
steeling men's hearts and minds against the wind that blows.

Death he is a king,
ruling men's destinies with absolute power.
Death he is a peasant,
subject to minds of Fear, Hate, Will and Desire.

Death he is a captor,
containing men inside their own prisons and chains.
Death he is a savior,
releasing men from tiring, decade-old pains.

Death he is,

Death he isn't.


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