Death can be a hard part of life

Death can be a hard part of life
It can be hard to lose someone you are close to
Sometimes it happens all of a sudden
Sometimes you know it’s coming to the person
You just don’t know when

It can effect people a lot
It can cause them a lot of problems
It can cause a lot of sadness
It can cause a lot of emotional pain

You never know what the reason behind it is
Especially when it first happens
But sometimes you figure out the reason behind it
Sometime you don’t figure out why the person died
Maybe there was no reason behind it
Who knows?

Sometimes it teaches you things
like how to deal with death better
like how to deal with death in the first place
like how to deal with death of a loved one

What I’ve learned from it
Death is hard to deal with
But harder when you were close to the person
And hard when it’s a friend or family member
You should celebrate the life
Not mourn over it
Easier said than done

Sometimes death of someone you care about can bring you
Closer to someone
Some good
Some bad
Some peace knowing the person is less in pain
You never know how the death of that person will affect you

No matter what happens
Mourning over it won’t help you
It just may make you feel more upset
Celebrating the life instead of mourning over it
Can make you feel better

Staying in the past instead of the present
Will not help you
Life goes on
No matter what happens to you
Everything keeps going on
Even when you are staying in the past

There are many memories that come and go
But what matters most are the good memories
Thinking of the memories
Will not do you any good

What matters also is you have no regrets from everything
that deals with the person
Remember anything can happen in less than a second
You never know what will happen
You could lose that person soon
Not even know it is coming

Don’t take time for granted when you spend time with people
You never know if you are going to lose that person
Every second you spend with someone, you should make it
And make it as awesome as you can

Life can be bad
Can be good
Can be hard
Can be easy
You never know what will happen
But try to make it as good as possible


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