Death Came Knocking

Death approached me in red stilettos,

And a black mini dress hugged her curvy frame.

With each walk her raven hair blew,

In an imaginary wind that lit all a flame.


She knocked on my souls door,

Through the peephole I looked.

Her firm breasts caught my eyes first,

And with need my body shook.


I heard her release a husky laugh,

Her breath reeked of tonic and gin.

So I imagined that she was out drinking,

Before seeing me on her last spin.


I opened my door wide enough,

And said, ''What took you so long?''

''I have sat here counting the hours,

Till we dance to my last love song.''


She walked right in and took a breath,

Enjoying the glow 0f the lights dim.

She asked, ''You did this all for me?''

Before bursting into a huge grin.


She hugged me tight and I could smell,

The dark magic of her perfume.

It got me heady the more i inhaled,

I reveled in my upcoming doom.


She pushed me down on a red velvet sofa,

And straddled me with strong legs.

I always knew she liked it rough,

And I loved it whenever she begs.


As her blood stained lips touched mine,

I run a finger through her soft hair.

She gasps in the heat of the moment,

Then down at me she glare.


''I'll make this sex your best,''

She says as she grinds my leg slowly.

I reach out and squeeze a breast,

And watch her whimper oh so softly.


We wreck the room with our passions,

The bed legs are broken...the fan is stuck,

I know she wants more,

And today she is in luck!


I set her on the sink,

In life I loved doing the dishes.

With her nails she tattooed my back,

Just like the rest of my other bitches.


We now lay spent on the dark cold tiles,

And from the corner of my eye,

I spot her as she smiles,

''Finally!'' she says, ''We'll have forever when you die!''


All she ever wanted was to claim me as her own,

To do as she pleases like a toy on the shelf.

To meet her sexual urges,

She thought of no one but herself!


''We have screwed around a lot!''

I spat at her in great disgust.

''Given my frequent near death experiences,''

''But after you my spirit never lust!''


In rage, she rips my heart out,

But my spirit laughed at her distress.

You see, she usually got whatever she wanted,

But my buttons she prove hard to press.


And so now she watch as my spirit roams the streets,

Fraternising with all her female guests.

She knows her chances with me are ruined,

But yet the idea she gives no rest!



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