Dear Young Hearts

Dear Young Hearts,


Do not grow weary you young hearts! Your time will come to you sooner than you think. The one fate has destined for you is being prepared. Do not become tiresome, but keep vigil and pray. For your lover may be on the brink of despair, and you may be the only who cares. When your time comes, you shall be more brilliant than the sun. You shall be enveloped in the mantle of joy and peace. Since you have anxiously waited for the one you call yours, the happiness received once the gift is bestowed is overwhelming. You have anticipated this treasure. And this treasure is even more venerated, loved, and cherished because of the long journey. So I urge you to have patience, for patience is required for Love. The goal at the end is worth the journey, especially for Love. Young hearts, have courage, patience, and trust. Trust in destiny for your lover is out there, waiting. Just as your lover is waiting for you.


With Love,

Another Young Heart


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