Dear You-By Ben Little

Dear You

The one who makes me smile to the point of exhaustion

The one who rids my soul of all feelings of doubt and worthlessness

You make me feel full

You make me realize how the sun shines bright on me even in my darkest hours

The ongoing joy without conciousness of reality

The evershining joy radiating through my pores as a sign of pure and utter content

The outside noise of unhapiness and distrust

Never once dares to attempt to penetrate our bubble of innocence and trust

Our unbreakable atmosphere of orginality coming together and embracing the world

The inner teamwork of our affection-driven desires 

Protects us from the outside intruders of hate and loneliness

You make us

You are the sunshine battling out the ghosts of ungratefulness and jealousy 

You are the most important part to the puzzle I call life

So to you I simply say:

Thank You.


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