Dear you


Dear you, 

i do quite believe 

your looking very blue. 


i cant quite place

the changes happening

on your face.


your eyes look down

and for some odd reason, 

you mouth is in a frown.


i don’t quite agree.





Dear you, 

your smiles are getting

to be very few. 


i do not think I enjoy

this attitude, 

that you now employ, 


‘tis frustrating and maddening

to see you all this way, 

and, to be honest, quite downing. 


i absolutely refuse. 





Dear you, 

i’ve noticed a difference

and right on cue too. 


a refining right, 

if you will,

happened just over night. 


this lift to your gait 

and whistle to your tune, 

lets hope this is a change of fate. 


i wish this for the better. 






Dear you, 

oh my! what a change, 

what ever will we do. 


you surely can not deny

this happiness returned, 

a power you can not defy. 


the smiles everlasting, 

where no shadow

a cloud may be casting. 


i know of this love. 





Dear you, 

well that was that, 

now like a baby you coo. 


love stricken to the bone, 

and since i love you too, 

neither you nor i will be alone. 


together, forever, 

let me go



i am this love. 




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