Dear Valentine


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Dear Valentine...Im gonna swallow my pride on this one.

My dear valentine its been a while since i wrote in this fashion,
a long while since i've felt this power this force of passion.
My dear valentine, you are so, so amazing to me.
You give me a feeling so costly, yet you give it to me for free.
You are everything and have everything that i lack.
You complete me, you are the spine that trails down my back.
I want each space to replicate the years that we spend together
And when those spaces run out, i pray that we count the days of our happiness forever.
My dear valentine you mean more to me than the life in 1000 years,
For what you mean to me cant be measured in days or months, blood or tears.
My dear valentine what you made of me is a mold of cupid.
I stand with two arrows in my heart, struck twice as if he and God did it.
I feel i have a place in life and as that place begins to fill with your love, Id have it no other way.
The games are beginning all around me, yet there is no time to play.
You complete the definition of who i am, Tavish- essence, trinity, and my dear valentine.
As i unfold i reveal, as i open eyes i remind everyone of how love can be so beautiful, so divine.

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