Dear U.S Government....

We are the Foundation but,

The pigment of our skin determines our fate,

Whether we're worth a second thought before you  attack,

Or if we're even valuable enough to keep or simply turn away,

Either way we are,




And in the end we are taken for granted.

We are the pickers of your farms, the maids that clean your room,

and the janitors that clean your schools.

But, we are so much more,

We are the advancement of your country,

your culture and your people.

We are the new CEO’s of rising companies,

We are the engineers of the future

We are the soldiers that fight beside you,

Yet, we are treated as subhuman,

Giving us names to dehumanize or make a mockery of us

You taint our ancestors, our culture and our identity.

But, you don’t care you can always get more where we came from,

So the cycle just


Over and over the foundation you walk upon,

is millions of immigrants, slaves, and indentured servants

Their blood,sweat, and tears, that made America possible,

Yet, their descendents are treated like Aliens.

Immigrants and Refugees aren’t treated as an opportunity

but, more like a plague,

We are Your Foundation

We are your future.


This poem is about: 
My country


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