dear true lovers


dear true lovers,

my steps shall never
cease to follow the
joined padding of yours.

vines you call fingers
intertwine among one another,
growing up an arm
leading to a thick head
who hates the shoulders
it lives on.

hair is tousled on
my equally stubborn head
as tiny stumps of
begin to twist
and emerge,
breaking the skin holding
my turbulent thoughts

dear true lovers,
i would like to ask
of you to stop feeling
guilty as i trail behind
the tiny glittery hearts
falling out of your
blind eyes.

the water is high in the
lake and the water is high
behind my eyelids.

however, i am not crying.

i am simply spitting rage.

i would also like to ask
of you to understand
the pain my scalp
is enduring as i watch
and watch
and watch.

dear true lovers,
i am sorry for being
silent. i would like to
go home now.

dear true lovers,
you are not sad that
plans have changed.
you are not affected by
the fact that i am
under a sixty dollar
pressure to get
myself home.
you are just happy
to be able to sleep together.

dear true lovers,
it is one a.m.
and i am sitting on
the floor listening to
you whisper so quietly
i am wondering if you are
speaking of me.

excruciating pain erupted
in my lower back
and suddenly
something was there
and i think it may be
a forked

dear true lovers,
i am late getting home
but i am glad you tried.

it is awfully hard to get
out of bed
when your horns
are struggling with a pillow
and your hooves
will not allow you to grab things.

dear true lovers,
this is the first time
i've looked in a mirror
since our time together.

i must have gotten
a terrible sunburn
or something of the sort
because i am awfully red.


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