Dear Teacher


Dear teacher,


I know it’s rough because

Everything is changing, but still

You need to make time for your students

As a senior, I don’t want to be here either,

But you can help make this pain a little less aching

By telling stories and creating a fun atmosphere—

Even if you do teach my least favorite class,

And no one wants to be there.


My mom’s a teacher,

And I know it sucks.

Every night I see her doing her work—

Which is exponentially larger than my homework—

And it seems as though that pile never ends.

Tests, sit-ins, evaluations, and conferences,

No time for family.

It sucks, doesn’t it?


But still, please don’t come to school exhausted,

Annoyed, and not mentally ready to teach us.

I know it’s hard, but we’re students,

And we need to be taught

More than you need to appease your bosses.

I know it’s hard—

There are thousands of people

Wanting to see you fail—

But there are, at least, twenty students

Who want to see you do your best,

And would love it if you’d stop stressing out,

And would go back to being the teacher

We all know and love.



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