Dear Struggles, Thank You.

When people live for decades

It’s hard to understand

How much one is impacted

By one short year


The past year’s been crazy

And kept me on my toes

Leaving me with memories,

Of all my highs and lows.


I witnessed the birth of a child,

And loved him at first sight.

I lost my grandma Dolly,

And broke a little that night.


I found the perfect school

And set my heart on it.

Only to later realize,

It was expensive as shit.


I learned about true friends,

The ones who never leave.

I learned about pain

The type that makes you grieve.


I accepted all the bad

And cherished all the good

I realized I wouldn’t change a thing

Even if I could.


I learned that most importantly,

Life should be full of joy,

The heart should be full of love,

And your smile full of teeth

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