dear soul where are you

Dear soul where are you.
I thought I found
What was destined to be mine Fooled so many times ,
and this again ..while hurt somewhat clouds my mind
I new deep in side with shame I'd hide claiming love but blantant lies
knowledge swirling inside
those match-ups weren't true and definitely weren't you painful scars paint my heart to remind
but we won't give up ..that is my soul and I ... skip some time

Dear soul where are you

This hurts exploding this shit far from fate screaming words got you sick urself dangerously laced with hate
like foul play on a blunt numb and all red in the face.
Leave Like every time ditch my phone won't leave a single trace
carried weight leaving him were he stands and make my escape
is what I'll do and ill ride off in haste
skip some time a further place

Dear soul where are you

This is a wicked game of hide n seek man i FFucking quit this games the blow

see on this path to find you met someone that grabbed our minds
plans made for years down the line
travel coast to coast
you see this is the one that really had us and he had her mind the most

..and even when we trip up
and reminice of times
tears start to burn our eyes
as they start to stream our faces

..So No this ain't gon go

was blinded from the truth my soul screams Go ..

she is past distraught
I can picture her face
shirt straps outta place

hair a mess looking wild
biting her lip so hard
it's white
And I Know there's blood drawn
that she can taste.

Eyes red full of hurt and fury
gotta get her away In a hurry
but I'm still smart
followed my third-eye instincts...
tho it was hard to see
cus the tears kept my eyes so blurry

teeth grinding
alone now in the dark
I hear words
not started with my lips
but hers softly the question i ask inside
to start.
.. she screams out sometimes
I ignore her
this time i listen
and really hears what she says from her heart

Dear soul where are you

Other half of my entire being
the only thing to complete my whole

The opposite of what's left of me without you I'm left hollow
my light no longer bright
but flickering letting off a little glow

will it's stop all together ...
then what's next I'm not too sure truth be told ..

i really can't say because I dont really know ..

dear soul where are you
why haven't you be been shown to me
it's like a world where meeting
you wasn't destined for me.
Dear soul where are you ..
I'm weakend I need you
im like a bird
with no air beneath my wings
and although a beautiful voice sings
u can hear but its hard to see
painfilled cries just from a moment
we coulda shared
and memories these times bring.

Dear soul where are you
show your face come out that crowd you ..

fall in place were u belong so I can crown

can't pick a face cuz in my dreams that fucking mist it surrounds you

so please come out if you can
I think that's why
i still haven't found you.

Dear soul where are you
PLEASE cat and mouse forget the cheese I'm down on my knees
begging whomever is listening
show me the path ..point the way give a hint help me find my other half ..the piece
. that is missing

Dear soul where are you

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