Dear Society

She wears:

Skimpy dress.

Tight shirt.

Short skirt.


I say:

Women shouldn't have to.

I give: 



You say:

But men do too.

Bare chest.

V lines.


I say:

Yes but--


You say:

No but.


Society holds it's grip on women.

Suffocating us everyday.

Fitting us into boxes each day.

Telling me what to wear,

How to do my hair.

Forcing paint upon my face to give

Me a face unrecognized.


Rewrite my name to something seductive,



Not the name given to me,

Hard to pronounce and 

Not found on a gift shop key chain. 


So I tell society to take their standards

And shove them

Because I will not be like the girl on the bus

With scars and cuts across her arm.

"Fat ass" carved into her porcelain skin.


Dear Society,

I am me. I am not you.





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