Dear Self,

Dear Self,

Would you believe me if I said that you were beautiful?

Would you give yourself a chance to be something more than a cruel?

You’re in your senior year of high school

Trying to be something more than a ghoul

Stressing out because of all the finals you have to take

But you end up having a heartache

In order to pass this semester and continue on with your senior year

And graduate on time, with the rest of your class loud and clear.

Would you give up on your evil schemes

And go on and strive for your dreams?

It all depends on you

On what you want to go through.


What if I told you-you were strong,

And that you had it in you all along?

Would you believe me if I said that?

Or are you going to be a welcome mat?

For all of those people that decide to walk all over you

And make you feel as if you’re a little blue.

Be true to yourself only

Because you don’t want to be lonely.

So all you do is cover up your face with a mask

And hope that no one decides to make you unmask


Just to let you know, would you hurt yourself to make yourself feel whole?

Or would you like to have a hole in your soul?

You want to be able to fly,

But you’re afraid to touch the sky.

You want to be with Peter Pan

But you can’t stand not knowing the game plan.

You want to be one of the lost boys

Or are you just a girl with the background noise.


Would you believe me if I told you that you’ll make it in life?

Or would you just be holding a putty knife?

To fight those demons who live in your head

And try to make you kill yourself to dead.

You have to have a good plan

If you want to win back your attention span.


So Self, do you believe me now?

Or are you just going to say Ciao?

Because I said a lot

For you to just to think you’d just rot.

Your family love you

And your friends do too.

So don’t give up

You’re not just a backup

You’re up in front

About to do a stunt.

To make your life happy

And definitely snappy.


So self you’re beautiful

So don’t be cruel

You love you

So you don't have to be feeling blue.

Because if you do…

You’ll let those demons in your head control you.


Those demons try to grasp a tight hold on you

And make you feel as if you’re a preview for only one taboo.

They have so many names,

Trying to make their aims for flames

Only going up as your confidence goes down

And make your smile go to a frown.


You want to someone else to write your story??

Because if you do, then let them have all of the glory!

So you have to stand up

And show them that you’re not just a speedbump

So strut your stuff and fight with your words

Because you want them to think you’re a thunderbird


So don’t shed your tears for someone who’s a spud

Because they want you to shed your blood.

In disguise, they are those demons in your head

Trying to kill you close to dead.

If you let your worries take control

You’ll won’t have a soul


So you love you

Because you’re all you’ve got in your field of view

So don’t feel bad

Make those demons wear plaid

And don't show yourself to the darkness

Because you don’t want to be heartless.





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This is beautiful Hailey.Hope you achieve and live the life you deserve.Raaga.


Thank you, Ragga!!


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