Dear North

Dear North 


You are more at heart than all of myself can want from my entire life,

Your heart needs to be held by delicate hands,

You don’t need to be fixed,

You don’t need to be comforted,

But you want someone there,

Your eyes sparkle and glisten as your passionate welcoming aura overwhelms

They tell two stories 


The story where you want to be loved for you

You just want to be appreciated despite 

What you have,

What you do not have,

What you give,

What you take,

What you did,

What you haven’t done,

You were lied to,

You were hurting so bad,

You wanted to let it all go,

You were going to give up,


The story where you give your gift 

Despite the undeserving world of people 

You want to tell a story,

You want to reach to the people who are down and ready to go out,



I Got Lost In Your Eyes I Saw More Stories


A little girl the world wants to take advantage of trying her best to find herself and avoid danger wandering the dark alone wanting to find anything that can help her find herself,


A little boy lost in his heart searching for nothing but looking everywhere to find it.

He finds a light but he knows the delicate truth and he would rather be lost than be the reason the light goes out.


Your soul so pure at its core glow through your beautiful eyes,Past the darkness instilled by the afflictions and wrongdoings of the world,

I saw you



I Saw Your Smile My Heart Skipped A Beat


I lost track of everyone I’ve ever known and remembered just for that split second.

My brain took a quick break I couldn’t think of anything.

My eyes couldn’t look away I was in awe.

My body continuing to hold out until I was back because In that moment I was truly at peace.

You gave me one thing I couldn’t manage to find my whole life and for a split second my life felt complete.

You made me feel like I had wanted something that I never knew existed,

I felt like the whole world vanished right before us and we connected.


I Heard Your Voice


My Soul cried wanting to hear it for eternity

My Spirit was serenaded and in shock 

My Heart wanted you to talk forever 

My Mind wanted you to continue saying anything 

I’ve never recovered from the type of Essence your presence left on my soul


When I remember you it all comes together like a beautiful symphony by the greatest orchestra it is the closest to perfect for me.

You made me wonder where I was 

I’ve never seen someone with such a beautiful aura that I truly say was out of my pure interest at heart.

There was no room to lust because I couldn’t witness your unique aura as a man in the flesh but as curious child in spirit and soul


I Never Knew 

I Couldn’t Feel Like This without you 

Lost in awe

Amazed at first glance 

You are my light

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