dear :: noname

dear noname -
when you come around, it’s like
my brain turns into those awfully mushy scrambled eggs, all
yellow and gross and disgustingly delicious,
which you only mash up even more as you
make your way towards me.
your words taste like cotton candy, so soft, so
sweet on the tip of your tongue that my
mouth begins to water every single time you
ask me a question or simply give a one-word answer
to one of my own.
dear noname-
when you deliberately walk my way,
my heart stutters haphazardly like I do
once I try to make out a simple “hello” or “how are you”
and it feels like it’s trying to hop out of my chest
and into your open arms, hoping you'll
take it in it’s entirety.
my hands shake as I wave slightly and then
curse myself for looking so nervous, so obvious
and I’m suddenly terrified that, from this
single wave, you’ll suddenly know how
I feel, how I’ve felt for forever,
though you won’t know why.
dear noname-
can i ask you something? you have to swear
you’ll never tell anyone, but…
do you feel the same way? do you feel
butterflies when I simply turn and
smile at the god-awful jokes you constantly crack?
do you sometimes wish you could just, oh I don’t know,
walk up to me , take my face into your hands and
kiss me as if the world depended on our kisses,
the universe thrived on our touch,
life itself yearned for us to yearn for each other?
do you ever lay in bed and suddenly dream of me like
never before, and feel as if it’s so real that
when you wake up, your world comes crashing down into
a pile of rubble at your feet?
dear noname-
did you answer “yes” to any of those questions?
i know i did.
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