Dear Mr. Trump


United States

Dear Mr. Trump,


I feel like I’m living in a required reading novel,

I’ve been hoping it’s A Wrinkle in Time, but it’s looking like 1984.

Please stop goading North Korea, please.

We're trying to avoid another cold war.


Your approval ratings are so far south,

They should apply for Mexican citizenship. Oh wait.

You make wild declaration and bully your opponents,

What are you trying to compensate?


How you were elected, I’ll never know.

You’re insensitive, sexist, ignorant, and pushy.

You assert that you’ve left these women untouched,

Yet you say “Grab them by the pussy.”


Stop dismantling Obama’s programs

And deregulating protected lands,

Allow transgender people into the military,

Or we’ll be coming for you, baby hands.


With love and affection,

An incredibly angry, queer woman.


This poem is about: 
My country


Megan Sheil

all of the references to novels were so spot on and specific, really love it!

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