Dear Mr. Hughes (A Dream Deferred Response)



Dear Mr. Hughes,

I would like to answer your question.

What happens to a dream deferred?

See, dreams are so hard to hold on to when we live in a world that suffers so much oppression.

The drying of a raisin, the draining of a well…the life gone from it, like a goal no longer being compelled.

Oh but wait, that’s what it is!

Your goals snatched away!

Your dreams stolen by worldly thieves, and fear is keeping you at bay.

The sore is open, the puss is running, and you’re running with it.

But when will you finally stop running and go back to grasp your mission?

Pick up the load, don’t just let it sag!

It might explode if you don’t go back!

Mr. Hughes, don’t you see?

A dream is only deferred when the dreamer allows it to be.


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