Dear Mr. Brisbane

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 19:55 -- agrin


United States
40° 5' 10.536" N, 82° 58' 56.6832" W

You're exasperating, Mr. Brisbane!
You wear a pointy hat
and new shoes
and an overcoat
with socks,
but you forget, sir, that you do not wear a
moneyhat or a
moneyshoe or a
moneycoat or
moneysocks. You are not made of money, Mr. Brisbane!
When will you learn that the
people you block with your 'moneyhat' and the
people you step on with your 'moneyshoe' and the
people you deny with your big 'moneycoat' and the
barefooted people who look at your 'moneysocks'
will one day ruin all that you have built, and take your money away from you?


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