Dear Mom, Dad

Dear Mom, Dad

I see it

I see the road

Twisting ahead of me

And I see you're scared too


I see the rain clouds

And the twists

The little snares

That pull me down after the bends


I don't know

Mom, Dad

If those rocks are so small

That I will only trip

Or so big

I must climb them


But I also see

Little pockets of light

Little stars lying along the way

That I will pick up

And carry with me


Mom, Dad

Don't worry

My life will not lead up to

One big moment of contentment

It will be

Small joys here and there

That I carry always


I see your fear

Mom, Dad

I know you're scared for me

I'm scared too

You do not need to protect me from it

We must look fear in the eye

Share it with each other

And become strong together


I am sure

Mom, Dad

That I will call you one day

In tears because I am lost

And I am sure you might not

Be there to save me

But that's alright

Mom, Dad

You have taught me to stand

On my own two feet

You have taught me

What it is to fight the good fight

Without anger



When I have to go

I will follow the compass in my hand

It will be my guide

You have been my guide

Up until now

Now I will follow my own path

Who knows?

Perhaps I will carve it myself

Dig my fingernails through the dirt

Until my feet find their own way


I will walk

Mom, Dad

Past the rain clouds

In half shadow, half light

Lifting my face up to feel the freezing rain

And greeting it with a smile

As the sun warms my skin


You are scared

Mom, Dad

But fear has never stopped you before

Don't let it stop you now


If I stumble

You don't have to run to pick me back up

I am ready

Mom, Dad

I will never make up the bad times for you

But I will create the good


Just you wait

Just you watch

I am not afraid anymore

Thank you

Mom, Dad

I love you

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