Dear Mister, Miss, Doctor "So-and-so"


Dear Mister, Miss, Doctor "So-and-so",
there's a pain in my heart that I can't let go
You see that kid in the back with that sad, shy smile?
Take a walk in his shoes for at least a mile.
See all those bruises? His excuse is that he "falls a lot".
He's alone and needs to cry out but he'd rather not.
Every night his drunkard dad comes in his room and about
Is there anything that you can do to help him out?

Dear Mister, Miss, Doctor "So-and-so",
there's a pain in my heart I hate to know.
It's a girl you see, she's just like me; she's insecure.
But she hurts herself and screams to tears behind closed doors
On her sleeves are all the scars that seem to bleed right through
And she wears blush which paints her pink to cover up her blue
She doesn't love herself and doing so can get real tough
Is there anyway to say that you can say she's good enough?

I could ask for help from others, I could beg and plead it
But it's too hard to say, so I wrote it down, and I hope you read it

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