Dear Misses


United States
42° 26' 55.7232" N, 71° 9' 2.8548" W

Hard is it for the eyes to perceive true love from fallacy
For there are so many waves that make up an entire sea.
To what in my heart longs of eternal lust
Is silenced by your cold words that turn it to mere dust.

Yet I pursue my prey in an Odysseus way
Striving to push back your golden hair one lonesome day.
I arise from the fallen Vesuvian ashes
To try to thread together my bleeding gashes

I pray to the high heavens that one day you will catch my eye
To say that I am content without you would be a horrid lie.
You are the heart to this wretched soul
Without you I could never be whole.

Until that very day, of which I know will come
I will continue to dine with this ancestral rum.
It soothes my senses and eases my pain
For the love of my dear misses that which will always remain.



An Unrequited Love poem

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