Dear me, stay still

Dear me,

stay still with the trees 

the breeze and the world rotating each time that i breathe

i get these moments when i have to lie down because everything feels

sort of, all too much

i look up and see the blue

or grey

or the black

and i feel myself melting into it

and for like a split second i feel free

and happy

i am not happy

i lay myself on the grass and just stay still 

eyes open or closed

breath in and breath out

i stop time to make time 

i am overwhelmed by the beauty of life and people

 i can make peace with myself and i can finally catch up

before i feel like the world trys to consume me

i can feel small

but when i lay on the grass, i am suddenly laying with the world

and i am no longer small

i am as one with this energy

and energy will never die 

so in that sense i will never die 

but in this moment i will stay still

breathe in 

breathe out 

sincerely, me

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