Dear Me

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 23:26 -- purte2


dear me


one day you’ll regret falling for two hunters and their wayward angel

but they’ll teach you the importance of family

of listening to your parents because your parents know things you don’t

of knowing that family doesn’t end with blood

of sacrificing petty things to help the people you love

of having competition and a need to beat that 35 and that 2330

of carrying on, my wayward son


one day you’ll regret falling for a cannibal and his mentally unstable patient

let yourself regret this

it was a bad decision


one day you’ll regret falling for a consulting detective and his army blogger

but they’ll teach you the importance of friendship

of how tightly a purple shirt can fit

of keeping an open mind in a new situation

of not shutting yourself out because you’ll be lonely if you do

of letting people close and keeping them nearby

of finding happiness where you didn’t know it could exist


one day you’ll regret falling for a mockingjay and her rebellion

but they’ll teach you the importance of having a voice

of using your voice and making yourself heard

of saying stupid things so you don’t regret not saying anything

of being unafraid to say hello

of breaking out of your shell because shyness doesn’t make friends

(and neither does katniss’s idiocy or mulishness)

(so i guess it’s good you’re not dumb)

(or too stubborn)


one day you’ll regret falling for a would-be god and the world’s top three detectives

they won’t teach you much

except that you shouldn’t kill people

(but you already know that)

(i hope)


one day you’ll regret falling for a hotheaded captain and his green-blooded hobgoblin

but they’ll teach you the importance of respect

of knowing that your sister is probably just a tad bit better at writing

of letting her edit your papers without screaming at her

of accepting that your age means you actually don’t know too much

of staying within your limits

of appreciating that everyone can teach you something new


one day you’ll regret falling for a teenage wizard and his unruly friends

but they’ll teach you the importance of love

of deciding when it’s worth it and when it isn’t

of knowing that there are infinite kinds of love

of loving yourself

of knowing there will be many regrets

(so many regrets)

(all the regrets)

of understanding that in the long run, these regrets won’t define you

of realizing that they will shape you into a better person

of accepting that they are not shameful because you are who you are

of appreciating that you would not be you without them


one day you’ll regret falling for so many fictional characters

and for a blue vortex of a website dedicated solely to these characters

(a website that, in all honestly, should probably be set on fire)

but they will teach you the importance of communication

of conveying information across any and all media

of being able to make friends with people from germany and russia and saudi arabia

of putting pen to paper and creating something coherent

of writing an s.a.t. essay that scores above an 8

of differentiating between formal and conversational writing

of confessing your soul on paper with abject honesty

of using words as knives and roses and bombs and imagination

of having the freedom to be you where no one else can see

of knowing there is no shame in needing a diary

(because everyone else will judge you)

(including yourself)

(and you don’t want that)


one day you’ll regret selling your soul to people who don’t know you exist

but they’ll teach you all the secrets of life

of happiness

(hot men play a large part in this)

of being okay when nothing else is

of knowing that it’s tough now but it’ll be tougher later

of appreciating the small things because the big ones don’t last

of the s.a.t. and the a.c.t. and the fml

of realizing that it never





of knowing that regrets are a part of life and they come and go

and they come and go

and they come and go

of understanding that that’s okay

and of having faith that even though it’s hard

(so hard)


there are people who have your back

there are characters who share your pain

there are stories that provide an escape

there is a support system


and you can do this

you can make it through

and if you ever think you can’t

just remember

i have faith in you

because if i can make it this far

so can you




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