Dear love, How could you

Dear love,

How could you do this to me?
You hurt me, letting me fall hard into your arms.

I trusted you.

You promised happiness, joy, love from another,

Yet, I ended up with a broken heart and pain.

I love you.

I love you too.

Those words forever ruining your image.

Oh, what a cruel joke you played.

You led me on, lead me to believe it was true.

You were simply a facade that led to pain.

I trusted you, trusted your false promises.

You led me to pain.

My shattered heart cutting my chest.

Every pained breath I took as I read our notes.

Tears splash on the creases.

My eyes skim over all the false promises we made.

Shutting my eyes, I remember the good times as more tears flow down my cheeks.

Why did you do this?

You broke me.

I trusted you.

I loved you...


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