Dear Lonzo

Dear Lonzo,


I gave you my heart to borrow

I didn't intend for you to keep

But our love ran deep

I knew that true love would find me someday

But I didn’t  know that it would be you heading my way

You took me by surprise

Captivating me, the same way you do when I look into your eyes

The love you have for me is a raging sea

Powerful and deep, but forever will be

Through storm, wind, and rain

I will be there for any sort of pain

Starting in the back of a car

Has made my life the best by far

Ever since September 22, 2017

You have treated me like a queen

From the way you hold me tight when I cry

To kissing me good-bye

And when you say the words “I love you”

I see our future with a great view

377 days and many minutes have passed, however

We’re getting closer to our forever

And now that someday has come

Because you are my one true love

Forgive me if I may sin


Love, Kaberlin


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