Dear Light

Mon, 07/13/2015 - 03:38 -- Severia

Light, how I ponder

It's surreal, knowing you came from so far and against impossible odds for you just to end up landing upon my skin.

It makes me think, much passed the brink of my intellect the answer must be

So you see, the lack of knowledge that plagues me is ultimately irrelevant

It will always be out of my reach, so this revelation to you I must beseech

Whether or not the light that is now on my skin is some sort of celestial accident, or, or a divine, predetermined destiny.

The only thing that is relevant to my being, is not where the light on my skin came from, or how the light came to be, the trials and mistakes the light made on its way to me or even the ones made when we were apart during those cold dark nights;

The only thing I must determine in order for me to survive on this desolate plane, without true understanding is that, do I need her, does she warm my heart, is she pivotal to my sanity and survival

And every fiber of my being screams yes, the light is even more than that, much more than I can understand

I know without her what it's like, those cold nights

I will always choose the light,

And anxiously await the dawn.



This poem is not mine; it's my boyfriend's. This is the first official poem he's written, and he wanted to see what his similarity score would be.

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