Dear Life


Dear Life, 


You offer no compass for your map 


Gaps are a natural display of your existence 


Resistance from you is the end of oneself 


Shelf away enough to find the unknown 


 submission to this admission was not my mission  


Nor a commitment to this religion 


for this I pay attention 


this is my intention to form my opinion 


alone on my own, Atone to be condoned


 That is what you have shown to the bone 


Tired,  wishing to be hired but problems keep me wired 


desired to never be fired No!


whoa the status quo isn’t gold but cold 


low even for the soul 


honestly, it's dull 


So I cannot Fight to take what isn’t mine to keep 


Deep to know that my ancestors only sleep 


Leap for a voice to make a choice 


Unvoiced is the words of one who cannot comply 


Deny it or survive it 


you have no favorites


Savor it, until then I will send 


For I have reached my end 





-Deshanea Smith 



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