Dear Guardian Angel

Dear Fredricka,

My niece, my love, my special little girl, my piece of heart 

It sucks to understand that your death tore me apart. 

When you entered the world, I was overjoyed

I could not believe I had another child to spoil.

I met you when you were a toddler, learning to walk

I only got to know you as a child when we had had our little talk.

You brighten up the room and pictures with your smile

Now that you are gone, now it's been a while

It was nice seeing your last moments in a wedding carrying a basket,

It tore me up inside to see you in a casket

As I sing my little girl by Tim McGraw, I look to the sky

As I look through the pictures, I smile and cry.

I do not ask why, because you are in the right hands,

In fact, you are in God's hands!

We miss you down here and that's for a fact,

Other than your out of the woods family that put on an act.

Dear Guardian Angel, it's been 8 years since you been born,

and its 4 years since you have not gotten justice,

Soon, the dark will come to the light, and that's a promise.

I want to tell you, I miss you, I love you, and I wish I could hold your hand,

But, I'll feel even better, if I see you again.

Well done my child!

At this point, I will have to woman up and let you go,

since I have a picture of you with me and you are watching,

I can picture you smiling for sho'.

Continue to rest in love sweetheart, continue to spread your joy.

Now I hang this dog tag with you as a decoy.

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My family
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