Dear God.

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 01:38 -- Dr.Poet

Dear God,

God help me.
I've been running into the devil again.
He got my arms wrapped around his again.
And we've been skipping out of this world and into the fire again. 

I need you to save me.
Like a concerned father 
looking for his underaged daughter;
save me.

WIth a shot gun on deck, 
shoot bullets through my my chest
and guide me.
Break me from the pleasures of this dunya.

Like a bliss, he takes me.
Soul out hand in guiding me like a human puppet.
I've become an object that moves 
in his entertainment.

He whispers into my ear that he create me. 
And those words are slowly sounding like a peaceful melody.
Soothing my helpless dreams
and giving me the pleasures I desire. 

He plays me into his musical demise;
and the melody guides me into a path
of black and white keys 
and I too play a diablo melody.

He pulls the believer out of me.
Sets it in front of me like a mirror.
I start to see my reflection,
and within that I start to see the devil within me.

He guided me into a sinner's world.
Got me on my hands and knees.
crawling through a world 
that feeds on pain.

God help me. 
He uses the sharp keys to stab me.
And watches the sins 
gush out of me. 

He uses the flat keys 
to smooth out a rhythmic tongue.
Where every word 
comes out as agony.

God guide me. 
Because lately, 
I've been running
into the devil's arms again.

I am lost baby.
I need to be found,
Because i'm lost 
in the forest of sins again.

Because lately, 
I've been holding hand hands with the devil again.
and we've been skipping out of this world 
and into the hell fire again.


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