Dear Gina


parris califona
painted rock st
United States

Dear Gina i miss you and i wish we were in school so i can hold you in my arms and hug you but we can´t right now but we can still right to each other and talk when we get to school but until then we are just going to talking  on the phone until they let us in school but until the law says we can go back to school i promois you i´ll make it right and if you can find in your mind to forgive me and i´ll take all yore pain away and you know that i care for you so just think of me just know you can tlak to me any time im hear for you if you need someone to talk to and Don´t forget that I love you and i will be togther forever just be my girl i´ll youre man and eventhoough i can´t salve all youre problems but im willing to be their for you eventhoug we can´t stand next to eachother we still need  get an understand eachothers but we just need to start listing to each other like normal human been and just be cool with each other and stay positve and keep youre family and youre freind and girlferind and if you want being in a relashinship then keep her safe from anything you need me im hear for you and if you need her she will be thier for you and if you need her she will be thier for you even when she needs you the most and will pick her up when she is feeling down you will pick her up and mak e sure you are thier for her and keep her save and help her out and eventhoug it seam hard its not but just give it youre all it just means you two need to work things out and try to work it out like human bean and be understand that when you to been though alot me so just keep going and whatever you are feeling you alone and whaever you are feeling you can talk to me whenever you need me im hear for you and ill never leave you so stay strong and be kind mom and dad beacuse after all they bought you  in this earth you have youre hole life ahead of you and im always going to be buy your side no matter if youare if im in the hospital ill always bye youre side and when can youre mom and dad meat my mom dad an i waunt  you to meat youre mom and dad so if youre parinets say its okay to meat my mom and dad can come when this is over and we can hope that thats theirs  always tomorow and even thoung it seams like you are being shut out but we keep going and never give up no matter how hard it  gets but just know that you matter to me Gina and i love you no matter what you need from me that you me to control  and if its the way I tlak or i can change about me and my yelling so just give it  some time but whatever you Do just keep going and leave the pass in the pass 

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