"Dear Future Wife..." By: Marcus T. Browne


Dear Future Wife,

It might seem strange to write to the love of my life whom I have not met. I don’t know what you look like, how you are, or what your are about. I am not even sure if you are reading this right now. Though, if you are, I ask that you please print this letter and hold on to it to bring to our wedding reception. It will be a memorable read for our friends, family and guests. You see, when I was a young child, my grandparents raised me to believe that with every successful man, there is a successful woman. Again, I say that with every successful man, there is a successful woman. I believe this to be true, for when a man who has his business established and it begins to crumble and ultimately fails, I feel its because he was in tune with a woman who did not give him the support he needed. When I look back on this from the past and look upon the beauty that is you now, It would prove that my values growing up were true indeed: that it is important to stay genuine at heart and be you in all you do.
Believe it or not, I need you more than ever. I need you to be here. In a world that is consistently changing, in a world where people are much harder to trust, it is a must that I need you by my side. We, as people, are grown up to believe that we all play a particular role in a relationship. I hope that you have a open mind in deep discussions. We as men are told to play “games” and learn “tricks” to talk with a woman, that we dominate our domain. Women, are told that they are “princesses” and that they must put up a wall of defense as if they are the only person living in their castle. The hidden reality that was blinded by the wool of society is fairly simple: We are only human. We are not perfect. The imperfections of our lives makes us closer to that of which we cannot fully be. What makes true Kings have unconditional love for his Queen and his true Queen have unconditional love for her King? Loyalty and Trust. The understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses, willing to assist and improve upon themselves and each other while reaching the same goals. No doubts, no regrets. True loyalty is real royalty.
Love in essence, is something that cannot be defined by definition, though, to me in my opinion, love is like two separate sprouts shooting from the same Earth. In time, they grow. They grow so high in the sky trying to grasp the sun, which teases these sprouts with its warmth. As these sprouts try so hard to reach, the sun retreats back into the clouds and these poor sprouts begin to wilt. They begin to wilt towards each other. As the sun rises above the horizon, the tiny sprouts try once more to reach the sun. They rise and grow, entwined to stabilize and fulfill their goal…together. Overtime, these sprouts mature into a tree, blooming beautiful flowers and fruit for the whole world to see, continuing to reach for the sun, that which continues to tease with its warmth. The two roots that are now one has no worries, for it will fulfill their goal knowing that they have each other.
Would you agree that love is interdependent? You have your end goals in mind, as do I, but will we try to mutually nurture each others road to success with compassion, appreciation and understanding? As you read this letter, I hope that the answer is yes. For, if it was not, then we, as a couple, would not even exist.
As I am writing this to you, I wonder….what about you can be shown with the glance of your eyes, what type of figure you possess, what type of values and education you grew up having? I might not know now, but I do know this, whatever race, color or creed that makes you you, it must be enough to convince me that you are genuine enough to motivate me to love you every single second, to continue with the motions knowing that when my knees fall weak, you will be there to give me strength to rise and overcome. I hope you know that I would give you my life. I am loyal, caring and passionate. I am your shield and sword whenever you need me. I will do my best to prove that nothing is impossible and goals that seem unreachable can be easily be attained through hard work and teamwork. I will do all that i can to treat you like the Queen that you deserve to be, as I know you will treat me like a King, respectively. Don’t be annoyed when I seem unrealistic, its just my way of saying that I will never give up, especially on you.
I am sure we will be a family oriented couple. Its silly to say this so boldly I haven’t even met you!! I do know that you and my mom will be best of friends, probably giggling at my old photos….I hope that she doesn’t pull out the baby pictures. She, my mother is a strong woman. My grandmother by law, but a provider in spirit, God knows. Whenever you need a female perspective on things, jus know tha tmy mother will do her best to help you through, with her witty humor and wise heart. I have this much confidence nto because I might be a momma’s boy, but its because I have seen first hand how strong she really is. When a woman of her age dies twice on the table, while she is bleeding in front of you 3am in the ER, and comes back shaking….her will must be made of iron. I hope you can learn all you can from her when you are in doubt and have any regrets in your life.
I look further into the future and I know that we will be the most unique couple ever! We will do things that others only dream about. We will be outside the box in all we do and challenge ourselves everyday like it was our last day on Earth. Its important that we teach our children that its ok to be unique, that weird is normal but normal is weird. Allow our child to grow on his or her own, while we guide our sunshine in discovering his or her potential and humanity. I hope to teach my child everything I know: music, sports, arts, literature, history, science, etc. ; while you do your due diligence to teach our little sunshine everything you know too. I look forward to the day that we show our child this letter, I wonder what he or she will think? Maybe crazy? :P
Now, im not saying that we will be perfect, like I said, no-one is perfect. Though, the simple things that we do and say might as well be close to it. Like, when I bring you a rose everyday after a long day from work to show you that our love is fresh and vibrant or when we sit by the fireplace on our living room couch watching kung fu flicks being cozy and close. Moments like this show that we don’t need to say “I love you”, it would speak for itself much strongly. It will be nice to wake up every morning curious if you’re a dream or reality. Something enticing. The only way I will know is when I kiss you on the lips, then on the nose, and then on the forehead; hoping that you will wake so I can be mesmerized by the sparkle of your eyes. Make you breakfast in bed, just because.
Just know that I am the type of man who will strive to provide in all facets, becausing giving without expectation and regret is what makes me me. You will never have to worry about anything of tommorow for i what i have to offer will be enough for the both of us. I don't like to argue and fight, and i hope that you don't either. Lets just kiss and make up, for our mutual affection outweighs any negative afflictions.
I look forward to the day that we will meet. When we do, people whom we met in the past, former lovers, interests will be a foregone conclusion and the only thing that will matter is each other. From beginning to end, from Alpha to Omega, from A to Z, 1,2,3.…well, you get it. I can be corny, but that’s just me being me :P
If you are reading this, please give me a sign. Just walk up to me and give me kiss on the lips, something simple and give me a sign. One day, I hope you will look back on the day I planted my knee and look up upon you. The sun shining and your hair waving in the breeze as I ask you to marry me. I guarantee you that it will be something memorable.
One never knows what the future holds, but i sit here writing this with an open mind, body and soul...that everything will unfold and bloom into something beautiful. I'll see you soon.

Love, intimate hugs and tiny kisses.
Your Future Husband,
Marcus T. Browne


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