Dear Future Lover

Dear milk chocolate tall handsome boy with hint of caramel and a six-pack that I will marry after I graduate from college and have a stable teaching job,
I dreamt of you last night.
We stood on a beach ankles deep in sand;
As we watched, the shadow of the sun kiss the ocean.
You held me in your arm like a secret you and God hid from the rest of the world,
I do not want to be shared
But baby,
I knew it was a dream when you whispered the word “Wake up" in my ear. 
Because no man in his right mind would wake up a girl when she is asleep 
And dreaming about him

Dear Future Lover 
I keep coming back to you again and again.
This not a fantasy I made up to get past my fake reality. 
I know you I’ve seen your face, held you hand, and kissed your lips.
They cannot tell me you don’t exist;
We just haven’t meet on this side of heaven yet

I can’t tell you I’ll be perfect,

I can’t tell you I’ll always look the way you want, 

I can’t tell you it will be easy;

But I can tell you this 
I will be here waiting for you
With a sandwich in one hand 
A remote control in the next, 
And I promise you I will have food on the table when you come home.
We can watch the basketball games and play video games
And chick flicks won’t even be an option
To tell you the truth I like

You don’t have to change for me.

But promise me this 
Promise me that I will find you at the altar 
With your hands extended to pray with me, 
That I will see the God in you before I remember nose, eyes, ears, or lips 
And either way I know you’re beautiful.


Dear Future Lover,
Promise me you won’t be afraid to rip away the clothes 
That make a home for my insecurities 
When I look at myself in the mirror and forget who I am
Be there to wrap a rope of self-confidence around me 
And say you’re beautiful.

Dear Future Lover
When we meet-again-I’ll read this poem to you. 
Then i’ll whisper to you 
Venir coucher avec moi sur soir.
Come and sleep with me tonight.
In this unbelievable dream
Me cradled in your arms flying among the stars 
We make up the stars;
Our love shines bright like the stars;
I wished you upon a shooting star


And my wish came true.

So, so take my hand and walk with me down the aisle,
Hold it when I give birth to our first child,
And when we take our last breathe 
Walk with me up the steps
Into the pearly gates
Of Heaven.


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