Dear Friend


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Dear friend Dear father Dear lord Dear creator Dear god That's what you are Right?My questions overwhelm meAnd even now I doubt When will I learn to trust you,Live free, and Give my all to youGod I'm tiredTired of knowing of you But not knowing you I stand there In those worn red seats Threads coming looseSinging for you, seeking you Saying glory are you God But not meaning anything by it Waiting to feel something Anything The fire I once felt To be relightedTo be consumed by you once againI don't knowI look around and see your childrenLighted for you So why am I the only one Who doesn't know you? Why am I the only one Enveloped in darknessDarkness of the world And of myself. I try so hard and yet I've gotten nowhereI open my mouth to scream But a whimper escapes my lips I tell people our love story is “Still being written”But there isn't even a rough draftEach day new temptations Seek me out like an old friendWelcoming, Warm,familiarBut I know, I know the signs I know I'm supposed to turn and run Never looking back only looking forwardInto your arms, I know you're hereBut where?  My child I stand right here Before you and into your eyesThe eyes I've created and breathed life into You say you don't know me? Open the book and read I'm right there seek me out And I will answer You are lighted But you are dim You have strayed so farYet I still reach for you Grab my hand and you will seeThe loveI have for you Each day brings new sin For you are sinBut I am love And with my love satan is cast out And vanquished So why are you scared?Why do you tremble? For you know, through me All things are possible Through me you are as white as snow My childI know your heart Filled with doubts, anger and anguish So don't speak Just be in me Don't ask if our love story is still being writtenFor It is written It is finishedAnd you are mine. 

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