Dear eyes

Dear eyes,


This is a callout letter

A "stop lying" letter

A "don't tell me what to do" letter

A "this is God's body" letter


Stop lying, eyes.

You and I both know I am not that big -- I am strong

My stomach does not stick out that far -- it is there to protect me, and it looks good 

My stretch marks are not ugly -- they look like the reflection cast by light on the water


Don't tell me what to do, eyes.

I will not starve myself -- I will eat to make myself healthy

I will not throw up because you tell me to -- I will do what is best for me

I will not say I hate myself -- even if you want me to


This is God's body, eyes.

I am a child of God

He created me

You will not tear me down



Best regards,

A woman

This poem is about: 
Our world


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