Dear Everyone

I just want you to realize

I'm not who you think. 

I'm not happy, mad, sad, upset, 

I'm not good at rhyming

I'm not a bright ray of sunshine, 

I'm not a dark cloud of despair, 

I'm just me.

Picture this

You're on a boat,

The floor is moving under you, 

And, furthermore - you're alone

Not a single soul around.

It's just you

Your thoughts, 

Your past, present, future

Just you on that boat - floating out at sea. 

Taste the salt in the air 

Feel the hot summer sun

You want to share your thoughts

But you're the only one. 

That's what it's like to be cast out at sea

That's a thousand miles in the shoes of Mr. Lee. 

All this great stuff you want to share, 

But neither means nor confidence

To get it in the air. 

Everyone, that's what it's like to be me

Signed, yours truly, 

-Jeremiah Lee

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