Dear Emptiness

January 30, 2018



Dear Emptiness,


How do I write to you. You are what is not there or could be there.

For you there can be anything inside.

Theres is endless possibility of your use to make full or bare.


You were made to describe nothing inside.

If you are not empty then you are no longer emptiness, you are not empty was;

no longer what your meant to describe.


There many things that can be empty from the fridge to the heart even you.

Emptiness is not only bad but good.

The good of emptiness is that it can be used up or relieve when relieved outside.


An ocean without water is a dessert.

There is emptiness in a fraudulent smile or a box with nothing but not in emptiness.

There is a lot of meaning in emptiness.


Sincerely,Osbaldo G




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