Dear Dom©


You don't know me, but I am you. Seems like a crazy concept right? You not knowing you but let me explain myself. I am not who you are, but more like who you were meant to be, who you will be. See, I have been watching you from afar, wondering when we were going to meet. You had all of the developing characteristics that were needed for you to become me, you just needed a serious push in the right direction....sorry I couldn't warn you about the push. I know that you may feel like its all over for you but this is just you becoming me this is only the beginning. Look around! People are already being impacted because you are becoming your destiny. Trust me it isn't easy when God hand selects you, I know, but what's to gain is worth the work. So you just hold on because you and I will be meeting sooner than you think. God always had a plan for us, he told me so in Jeremiah 29:11. I can't wait for you to finally meet me. I think you will like who we become 

With much more blessings to come,

Destined Dom

The Moon Owl™


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