Dear David,

I did not know what I should say.

Tried not to show you where he lay,

His skin was gray and hair like snow.

I brought the tray, where he rested like so.


Our father, finally free.

The pain of seeing dad collapse.

Thousands of memories,

Hundreds of laughs,

Couple of cries,

Splitting hearts into halves.


Ready he was not,

When it all shattered.

Christmas day, drinking eggnog

Trying not to get haggard.


Mother burst in.

Moved in a panic.

Gone was, every grin.

His face on granite.


One year would it take.

Full of hopes, full of cope,

At the end, our hearts would break.

Embracing of death with heaven in full scope.

"Maybe I will see my father again."

"This is my end, but certainly not yours."

"Stop your crying and get out of that bend,"

"Enjoy your life, and make sure you don’t close any doors."


Now a long time you have been gone,

Didn’t call or send a message.

His funeral cannot be, without his sons.

So come home, I hope you aren’t negligent.

Shame it would be,

If in the hour of our need

You’d close the door on this family.

Yes, indeed.


This poem is about: 
My family


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