Dear Dad

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 18:14 -- aly9105

Dear Mr. Chavez or should I say Dad?

Such great high school memories, we both had.

You made me lunch each morning, every single day.

"I don't eat that", instead of,  "Thank you", I'd say.


But each day you awoke, sending me off to school.

Always saying, "Be good. Be smart. Don't be a fool."

Of course, I'd ignore you, thinking you're such a nerd.

But when things got bad, it was your voice I heard.


It's that voice that cheered me on, during my sporting games.

Or that voice telling me, "Ignore them when they call you those names."

I now realize, you were that lone clap in the crowd.

When now one else applauded, you were the proudest and most loud.


You were the one who said, it's not always about the grade.

It's how hard I try, It's the effort I made.

You always told me, "Try my hardest and do my best."

And if I do, God will handle the rest.


So here we are, graduation lies ahead.

Then off to college and better things, just like you said.

I may be far away, a few hundred miles or two.

But I know, it'll always be me and you.


I can't thank you enough, for all that you've done.

For all the yelling, crying, laughing and fun.

You're setting me free, to experience the world.

But know I will always and forever be, "Daddy's little girl."








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My family


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