Dear Bulimia

Dear Bulimia, 


I thought that I loved you 

Long ago

Without you, I'd have been 

All alone

When no one else was there

You were

Reliable, safe, no one compared


Distract me from my worries

And grief

I was in control 

I was the chief 

But wrong I was

And a fool to believe

The lies that you

kept telling me

Of how you'd make my problems flee


I trusted you

And you led me askew


You kept me from 

Accepting help

A better life

I was not dealt

You dug a hole 

In which I fell

I couldn't get out

Knew not how to escape

And as much as I'd shout

My plea's you'd not take

As I suffered below

You stood at the edge

And you laughed just to show

How naive I had been


Once I thought that I loved you

Oh, how wrong I'd been.

You killed me.

I hate you.

I'll trust you - not again. 







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